L. Renganathan

A welcome respite from chaos in Karur

KARUR: "Is it the Superintendent of Police? I'm calling from Mayanur and we have a small temple festival in our village. Can you dispatch some policemen for bandobust?'' a caller asked the Superintendent of Police, K. Shankar, a couple of days back, adding for a good measure that he got his mobile phone number, well from the police station.

Such direct access to police administration has been made possible due to sustained efforts in implementing visible and transparent policing regime in Karur. Displaying the phone numbers of the police officials outside the police stations, installing a proper public grievance redress system, introduction of beat system, launching the Karur unit of the Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Warden (TPTW), deploying a company of women police constables for traffic regulation have all contributed to better organisation of road traffic in an otherwise chaotic and clogged roads of the town.

Presence of police constables in every part of the town, even during the nights on a daily basis, has turned out to be a deterrent against crimes.

A public grievance redress day is being held every Sunday when public have an opportunity to present their grievances directly to the Superintendent of Police in the presence of other police officials. Around 50 to 60 petitions are being received during the weekly meet.

Expeditious disposal of petitions is possible courtesy the follow-up review that takes stock of the situation.

The launch of beat system, by dividing the town into to 26 beats, with a pair of constables marching a beat in two shifts day and night, has contributed to visible policing.

While woman-constables from one company specially allotted to Karur are doing the rounds in pairs during the day, two constables do the duty during nights. This has brought down petty crimes as police keep moving around. Besides, the 24-hour town patrol, also introduced recently, has contributed to better policing.

Elegant medians

But the icing on the cake is the regulation of traffic on the roads with generous help from sponsors and volunteers of TPTW. Now the arterial Jawahar Bazaar and the Kovai Road sport elegant medians throughout, preventing the two-wheelers from jutting into the main road from the numerous lanes that branch off from those roads. Women police constables have been posted in those roads has put paid to regulating the busy peak hour traffic.

It is a welcome sign that at last some traffic sense is being knocked into errant road users. The TPTW volunteers pitch in with their mite, regulating traffic at important junctions during the peak hours, helping ease congestion to a great extent.