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Three municipalities, all third-grade municipalities, seven town panchayats and 10 panchayat unions in its kitty now Congress bags Tirumangalam, Peraiyur town panchayat and Kottampatti panchayat union; CPI(M) wins Harveypatti town panchayat

MADURAI: The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) virtually swept the indirection elections for the posts of chairman and vice-chairman to various local bodies in the district here on Saturday.

The party has won two out of the three municipalities, all the three third-grade municipalities, seven out of the 12 town panchayats and 10 out of the 13 panchayat unions (proposal has been sent for re-election to Madurai East) and the district panchayat chief's post.

The DMK candidates won the chairman posts in Melur and Usilampatti municipalities; Anaiyur, Avaniapuram and Tirupparankundram third-grade municipalities; Tirunagar, Sholavandan, Vadipatti, T. Kallupatti, A. Vellalapatti, Vilangudi and Paravai town panchayats; Madurai West, Tirupparankundram, Melur, Alanganallur, Vadipatti, Usilampatti, Chellampatti, Sedapatti, Tirumangalam and T. Kallupatti panchayat unions.

Among the DMK's coalition partners, the Congress won the chairmanship of Tirumangalam municipality, Peraiyur town panchayat and Kottampatti panchayat union and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) claimed Harveypatti town panchayat.

The All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam claimed the chairman's post of Ezhumalai town panchayat and Kallikudi panchayat union.

Independents claimed Alanganallur and Palamedu town panchayats.

District panchayat

Madurai: Chairman: K. Ashok Kumar (DMK); vice-chairman: M.A. Ayubkhan (DMK).


Melur: Chairman: J. Thamilarashi (DMK); vice-chairman: S. Ayyappan (DMK).

Usilampatti: Chairman: T. Palaniyammal (DMK); vice-chairman: V. Chinnan (DMK).

Tirumangalam: Chairman: J. Thamilarashi (Congress); vice-chairman: M. Rajendran (DMK).

Third-grade municipalities

Anaiyur: Chairman: P. Ayyammal (DMK); vice-chairman: V. Sivakumar (DMK).

Avaniapuram: Chairman: B. Mutthiya (DMK); vice-chairman: M. Karuppasamy (DMK).

Tirupparankundram: Chairman: R. Gandhimathi (DMK); vice-chairman: M. Akkiniraj (DMK).

Town panchayats

Tirunagar: Chairman: K. Indira Gandhi (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Subramaniyan (Ind).

Palamedu: Chairman: M. Prema (Ind); vice-chairman: M.R.M. Balasubramaniyan (Ind).

Sholavandan: Chairman: R. Kalavathi (DMK); vice-chairman: A. Annadurai (DMK).

Alanganallur: Chairman: N. Alagu Umadevi (Ind); vice-chairman: S. Selvarani (Ind).

Vadipatti: Chairman: P. Krishnaveni (DMK); vice-chairman: K. Sonai (Ind).

T. Kallupatti: Chairman: K. Karumalayan (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Jeyalakshmi (Ind).

Ezhumalai: Chairman: P. Ponnuthai (AIADMK); vice-chairman: S. Bakrudeen (Ind).

Peraiyur: Chairman: K. K. Gurusamy (Congress); vice-chairman: T. Meeramohideen (DMK).

A. Vellalapatti: Chairman: V. Raghupathi (DMK); vice-chairman: V. Mohan (DMK).

Vilangudi: Chairman: N. Sundararajan (DMK); vice-chairman: D.G. Anandha Veera Raman (CPI-M).

Paravai: Chairman: R.K. Jeyaraman (DMK); vice-chairman: M. Balasubramanian (DMK).

Harveypatti: Chairman: N. Vijaya (CPI-M); vice-chairman: S. Meenakshisundaram (DMK).

Panchayat unions

Madurai West: Chairman: M. Kannan (DMK); vice-chairman: P. Surendran (DMK).

Tirupparankundram: Chairman: T. Pushpalatha (DMK); vice-chairman: M. Sivabakyam (DMK).

Melur: Chairman: K. Alagupandi (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Manimaran (DMK).

Kottampatti: Chairman: V. Thilakaraj (Congress); vice-chairman: N. Rajarajan (DMK).

Alanganallur: Chairman: M. Annakamu (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Kannan (DMK).

Vadipatti: Chairman: A. Vanitha (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Ezhilmaran (DMK).

Usilampatti: Chairman: S.O.R. Thangapandiyan (DMK); vice-chairman: P. Mahalingam (DMK).

Chellampatti: Chairman: M. Rameshwari (DMK); vice-chairman: P. Jeyapandi (AIADMK).

Sedapatti: Chairman: P. Tamilselvi (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Chinnapandiyan (DMK).

Tirumangalam: Chairman: Kodichandirasekaran (DMK); vice-chairman: V. Jeyaraj (DMDK).

T. Kallupatti: Chairman: T. Kalyani (DMK); vice-chairman: R. Valarmathi (Congress).

Kallikudi: Chairman: N. Leelavathi (AIADMK); vice-chairman: M. Kannan (AIADMK).