Staff Reporter

PALANI: Braving torrential rain, thousands of devotees witnessed `Surasamharam', destruction of `Asuras', as part of the seven-day Skandha Sashti festival that took place on four `giri veedhis' around Sri Dhandayuthpaniswamy hill temple here on Friday evening.

The holy ceremony had commenced with special poojas to main deity in the hill temple at 5.30 a.m. `Uchi kaala pooja' was performed to the main deity around 1.30 p.m.

After preliminary poojas on the hill, the `utsavamurthy' was brought to `malai adivaram' along with `nava veeras' led by his war general Veerabahu.

After special poojas at Padha Vinayagar temple on the foothills, Lord Chinnakumaraswamy ascended the golden peacock mount. First, the Lord directed Veera Bahu and his other war generals to hold peace talks to avoid war.

But Asuras rejected the peace offer and chased away the peace troupe and challenged the Lord for war. After a big battle, Sri Chinnakumarasamy annihiliated Tharagasuran on the north giri veedhi.

Then he proceeded to East Giri Veedhi to "behead'' Bahugopan. Then the Lord was intercepted by Singamugan on South Giri Veedhi. The battle ended with the destruction of Banugopan.

Sura Padman lost his life in a fierce battle on West Giri Veedhi.

After destruction of four asuras, victory was celebrated at Ariyar mandapam.

The hill temple and Sri Periyanayaki Amman temple were both closed to the devotees till the end of the war.