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Failure to record identity card details He did not record details of identity cards, says Naresh Gupta

CHENNAI: Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta said on Monday that disciplinary action would be taken against a polling officer who did not record the details of identity cards produced by voters at a booth in Madurai Central.

Addressing presspersons here he said that he had received a complaint from the AIADMK candidate that bogus votes were cast in two booths in the constituency. The complaint was verified and it was found that there was no problem in one booth while in another the four persons had not showed their voter identity cards. They had voted after showing their ration cards. In another booth, the polling officer 2 did not record the identity details of voters.

In all these cases, it was found that there was no bogus voting. The Election officials were convinced about this after watching the video recordings of the voting process. "In fact in the booth where the ID details were not recorded we could see voters showing their IDs to the polling officer," he said. The CEO has issued detailed instructions on the counting processes.