Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: The swelling Vellar has submerged and washed away a portion of the causeway near Karuveppilankurichi, affecting road traffic from Cuddalore to Sri Mushnam, Kumbakonam and Jayamkondam.

The heavy rain in the catchments in the past week has brought fresh water in the Vellar and the Manimuktha. The Tholudur dam, with a maximum level of 8.5 feet, is overflowing. Hence, the entire inflow of 3,200 cusecs is being discharged into the Vellar.

Similarly, the Pelanthurai dam, with a maximum level of 3 feet, is spilling over. The inflow of 7,900 cusecs is being let into the Vellar.

The bus services to Sri Mushnam and Andimadam are being diverted through Sethithope, to Kumbakonam through Sethiathope and Anaikkarai, and to Jayamkondam through Meensurutti.

However, scores of villages on the other side of the causeway, including Gunamangalam, Rajendirapattinam,Vettakudi and Vannankudi remain cut off. Since the Manimuktha is in spate, the causeway at Vriddhachalam is under water, necessitating diversion of vehicular traffic through the Nachiarpettai Erumanur bridge. Officials are maintaining vigil at vulnerable places.