Special Correspondent

"It should be a body of wise elders"

Thanjavur: Former Members of Legislative Council (MLCs) of Thanjavur district have welcomed the Tamil Nadu Government's decision to form the council again.

G. Swaminathan, former MP and former MLC, said, "I am happy that the Upper House is formed again." Mr. Swaminathan, who became MLC when he was 37, was associated with the House for 18 years.

He was elected to the council for the first time in 1968 from the East Central Graduates constituency comprising the then Thanjavur, Tiruchi and Pudukottai districts.

He was elected to the council again in 1974 and 1980. "I was surprised when the council was abolished. Now I am happy that it is revived," he said.

"The House should be a wise, advisory body of elders and not become a redundant political forum. The Upper House is expected to be constructive and non-partisan in guiding the Government in taking appropriate decisions on problems of the day." L. Ganesan, Tiruchi MP and former MLC, also welcomed the move.

Stalwarts such as A.L. Mudaliar and Damodaran were its members.

The House is for those intellectuals who cannot contest elections, but whose advice is essential to run the Government.