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Six Auroville artists display their work at Gallery Square Circle

PUDUCHERRY: How to name it? That was the question that came to the minds these six artists of Auroville when they chose to exhibit their work at Gallery Square Circle inside Kalakendra in Auroville. Finally, Agnus Gastmans, Henk Van Putten, Anna Maria, Hufreesh Dumasia, Nele and Veronique Nicolet settled for "Untitled".

"We really couldn't give a name, especially for this exhibition. This is our second one, the first exhibition was in Chennai and it was called "Forever Auroville". The next one, which is going to be in Mumbai, will be called "Unity in diversity". All our works are so diverse that we couldn't think of a name," said Hufreesh Dumasia, one of the artists whose work is exhibited at the gallery.

This is the gallery's last show for this year.

The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day till 31 December.

The husband and wife duo of Henk Ven Putten and Agnus Gastmans have displayed their work at the exhibition. Agnus has put up her brilliantly coloured rusted metal boxes.

Mr. Henk, an artist and sculptor, has carved sculptures and put up plywood cut outs of the sculptures. "I wanted the sculptures to be in two dimension also."

Veronique Nicolet, originally from France and living in Auroville since 1997, has put up an installation from the basement to the roof of the building with the theme as light.

"The building is so special and I didn't feel like just putting up paintings on the walls. Since I wanted to use the space I put the installation."

Nele, who is originally from Germany and has been in Auroville since 1993, said she studied art in Florence in Italy and teaches art in school. In this present set of paintings, she mainly focuses on form and colours.

"I use pigments to make the colours more strong and the forms more intense." Meditative work

Anna Maria's meditative work is contrasting to Nele's. Hufreesh Dumasia, from Mumbai and has been working for the past 10 years, works with acrylic and makes abstract art.

"I just let my inspiration guide me and I stand in front of the blank canvas. It is a way to explore the inner self and when I finish the painting it amazes me," she said.