Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: A Bill, seeking to give effect to a government order extending the term of special officers of cooperative societies, was passed in the Assembly on Wednesday.

The special officers were appointed for one year on May 25, 2001 in respect of primary cooperative societies and on May 26, 2001 in case of Central and apex cooperative societies. Since polls to the cooperative societies could not be conducted, their terms were extended every year. It was last extended in May this year for six months. As the period of appointment expired on November 24 for officers of primary cooperative societies and on November 25 for those of other cooperative institutions, a GO was issued on November 17 extending their terms for a further six months. The present Bill was to give effect to the government order. Another Bill, replacing a notification on sales tax exemption to coconut, footwear with MRP rate less than Rs. 200 and sambirani, was adopted.