Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: A resolution is likely in a few days to the spat between Southern Railway and BSNL Chennai Telephones that led to the Railway confiscating the service provider’s coin pay phones at Chennai Central station .

It is understood that a mutually agreeable revenue sharing formula is being worked out to resolve the dispute following talks between key officials from both government departments. Railway authorities had on March 23 removed and attached 17 mounted PCOs, including six imported gizmos, claiming that BSNL had failed to obtain permission for installing/upgrading the utilities.

BSNL officials had responded to the charge by stating that the machines had been installed years ago on the basis of an unwritten understanding between Railway and the erstwhile Post and Telegraph Department.

Subsequently, Chennai Telephones had complied with a Railway request to submit a formal letter seeking sanction for installation of utilities as well as the immediate restoration of the confiscated PCOs which were widely patronised by the travelling public.

Sources said officials are likely to meet again to finalise the revenue sharing pact on Monday or Tuesday.