Over three lakh candidates appeared for TNPSC, Combined Subordinate Service Exam-I, recently throughout the State to fill up 2,400 vacancies in various departments. These vacancies may be filled up through District Employment Exchanges on seniority basis in those departments that have vacant posts. If the TNPSC conducted competition exam for lakhs of candidates to select a few ones, then the senior candidates who have registered their names in the employment exchanges may lose their chance of getting a government job. The government may think it over and abolish the move to select candidates through TNPSC.

G.N. Devaraj,


Overcrowding in buses

The buses plying through Salem are heavily overcrowded. It has become a common sight to see children and women with babies being crushed together and people falling from footboards. Will the district authorities take some measures to curtail overcrowding? Also the overcrowded buses go at breakneck speed.

V.S. Venkatavaradan,


Great achievement

I was enthralled to read the article about K. Mani (‘The Hindu’, March 30). His name is short but his achievements are great. His efforts to enlighten the masses in science through the vernacular are laudable. He admits frankly that his source of news include the National Geographic and the Scientific American. It is news that he has a patent for computer algorithms and has set up even a Tamil website for scientific Tamil www.arivialtamil.org. His opinion on Sanskrit makes us realise that language is only a vehicle of communication and no attachment of any kind is necessary to it.

T.N. Arthanari,


Dangerous BSNL tune

Recently, I received an advertisement on my BSNL cell phone.

Even without touching the ‘press button’ I was surprised to receive a message that Rs. 12 has been deducted for the tune. Again after sometime, I got another message from BSNL 56700 saying Rs. 25 is deducted. I approached BSNL toll free no. 94431-12345.

They asked me to send a message. But to my surprise Rs. 4 was deducted and also a message ‘Invalid’. I was asked to approach Valparai BSNL office. When I visited them, they asked me to go to Pollachi office and lodge a complaint. I was made to run from pillar to post for no mistake of mine. I request the BSNL authorities not to force BSNL tune and send such advertisements. Poor service is rendered by BSNL in Valparai area. Will the authorities concerned look into it.?

John C.,


Grievances meetings

Collectors, Electricity Board and Corporations used to conduct monthly meetings with NGOs, consumer organisations and farmers. Due to election they have been postponed. I wonder whether Election Commission has prevented the officers from redressing the grievances of the common man?

K.K. Lakshmanan,


Canine bond

The report on a critical canine blood transfusion was touching (Feb. 22). When Rooney, a two-and-a-half-year-old dog (Labrador Retriever) was being given the blood transfusion surmounting daunting odds, Rex, a one-and-a-half-year-old dog (German Shepherd) lying on the operation table, looked into the eyes of Rooney, empathising with it. What is more, as recuperating Rooney was leaving the hospital, it looked towards Rex as if it was taking leave and expressing its gratitude. How humane is the emotional attachment of the infant canines! ‘He loveth God best who loveth all living things, great and small’.

S. Venkatachalam,


Cell phones and accidents

Using cell phones while driving goes on unabated despite accidents occurring frequently. Recently, a traffic policeman himself was found talking on mobile while driving. City bus drivers and mofussil bus drivers are no exception. The recent accident on Sathy Road which claimed 10 lives, reportedly because of talking on cell phone while driving, should be an eye-opener to all. The police should take strict action against those using mobiles while driving vehicles.

Thiagarajan. B,


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