Staff Reporter

DENKANIKOTTAI: Wild elephants destroyed crops near Kelamangalam on Thursday night and later roamed around Kottha lake area.

Forest Department officials after much effort succeeded in sending them to the nearby Pavanatham forest on Friday evening.

Eyewitnesses said that about four elephants from the forest entered the fields in Jakkeri in Kelamangalam and ate the crops.

The villagers informed the district forest officials at Royakottai about elephant movement.

District Forest Officer Ganesan, Assistant Forest Officer Rajendran and rangers Rubbalreddy, Ramachandran and Ramasamy visited the spot.

As the villages thronged to see the elephants, they did not come out from the lake. Forest officials controlled the crowd with the help of the local police and then made way for the elephants to go the nearby forest, officials said.

As the summer season begins, elephant herds came out of the forest in search of water. Officials are taking steps to dig artificial ponds inside the forest for the benefit of wild elephants in Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts.