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Tirupur: The Kavindapady police arrested A.M. Karthikkeyean, an Independent candidate contesting for Tirupur Lok Sabha constituency, on the early hours of Tuesday on the charge of distributing computers at Panagatoor village in an attempt to lure the voters. He was released on bail few hours after the arrest.

Police sources said Mr. Karthikkeyean, who had resigned from Bharatiya Janata Party a few weeks ago after the party denied him ticket to contest, was intercepted by a group of people when he came to the village along with his supporters in two cars at 11 p.m. on Monday. On the information provided by the people that he was trying to distribute computers to swing votes in his favour, a police team arrived on the scene.

“I was trapped”

“We have seized a computer kept inside one of the cars and also taken both the vehicles into the custody,” Superintendent of Police Avinash Kumar told The Hindu.

Later talking to reporters here, Mr. Karthikkeyean said that he was trapped by AIADMK, DMK and Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam men while he was coming out of the Makkal Sevai Mayam (MSM) started by him at Panagatoor for social welfare activities.

He said that the party men took out a computer kept at the MSM centre and forcefully put the gadget into his car, before informing the police.

“In fact I was surprised to see the unity of AIADMK, DMK and KMK party men when it comes to maligning me. The act is due to their fear of my rising popularity in the region," he alleged.

He said MSM centres, started at 120 places in the constituency for providing yoga, personality development and computer training to youth at minimal fees, had become an eyesore for my opponents.

Meanwhile, Mr. Karthikkeyean had filed a counter case against the group for assaulting and threatening him before “laying the trap”.