Plastics in the form of granules will be given to contractors

Coimbatore Corporation is planning to lay around 10 roads by mixing plastic. According to sources, the Corporation has identified roads in all the five wards in the city for the purpose.

The civic body will ask the contractor executing the work to mix plastic with bitumen to increase the longevity of the roads. The plastic the contractor uses will be from the Corporation.

The sources say it will be in the form of granules, obtained by shredding and processing plastic waste from the waste management plant at Vellalore and also from seized plastic carry bags.

Every tonne of road mix will have 900 kg bitumen and 100 kg plastic. The Corporation will ask the contractor to mix the bitumen and plastic and lay the mixture when it is between 110 degree Centigrade and 120 degree Centigrade. The contractor will require a tonne of the mixture to lay a km road that is 3.5 metres wide.

The Corporation will be able to supply the contractor around 50 tonnes plastic in the form of granules. For, that is the quantity of waste the civic body segregates every day at its waste management facility in Vellalore. The sources say the Corporation will stand to benefit in more ways than one – the plastic waste segregated and processed will turn into a source of income, it will get to have roads with longer life and, thereby, spend less on road maintenance.a

Commissioner T.K. Ponnusamy says that the Corporation has floated tender for four of the 10 roads.