I am a senior citizen and a military pensioner. I have a BSNL landline connection (Number 2253480) under Kuniamuthur telephone exchange. I personally went to the exchange on April 13 to register a complaint on the faulty line. The written complaint was not accepted. But a staff member noted the telephone number and promised me to look into the matter on the same day itself. When the fault was not rectified I phoned the exchange on April 14. An operator connected me to 198 and I spoke to the in-charge (administrator) on telephone number 2250000 about the fault. That day being a holiday, the official promised me to attend to the fault the next day. I waited till April 21 and reported the matter to SDE MTP Road. Till now the fault has not been rectified. I request the BSNL officers to look into it.

K.V. Nair,


A road to nowhere

Avanashi Road, a couple of years ago, was wide enough to support a reasonable flow of traffic and also provided parking space. It had a character of its own with huge trees on either side providing shade and comfort to pedestrians. In the name of progress we start widening the road (incomplete); we put up a centre median (incomplete). We took up work to widen culverts and bridges (incomplete); we shifted electric and telegraph poles to erect new ones (incomplete) and we cut down a thousand trees and more (completed in record time). I appreciate the fact that incomplete work prevents a fair assessment of the benefits likely to accrue but I equally appreciate the reality that by the time the work is over there will be a manifold increase in traffic. A few years from now Avanashi Road will be back to square one, alas, without those magnificent trees.

M. Vania,


Hassle-free traffic

Now that the season has begun in the Nilgiris, there is a steady inflow of tourists. Many roadside shops have sprung up to cater to them. But the roads littered with wastes near these shops offers a pathetic sight. The haphazard parking of vehicles hinders free flow of traffic. Will the authorities swing into action to make the roads free?

D. Haemanthkumar Robert,


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