The Railway Station Feeder Road — from Kattabomman Statue to RMS Post Office is full of filth. Haphazard parking of vehicles, slush and the stench emanating from urine on the roadside give hardship to road users. Being one of the roads connecting railway station with Periyar bus stand, the sorry state of this stretch will give visitors a bad introduction to Madurai. The railway and civic authorities can take efforts to bring about a change.

T. Raj Pravin,

P.P. Chavadi

Check and certify quality of roads

Almost all roads laid in the city give way even after a shower, causing untold hardships to the public besides risks of accidents. The reason, presumably, is that the officials also do not seem to take due interest to personally check and certify the quality of roads laid by private contractors. It is a well known fact that when government departments while inviting tenders for supply of certain materials specify and insist on quality certification from ISO, Agmark etc., besides warranty. Similarly, they should take indemnity from the contractors that they will relay the roads, on their own cost, in cases of wearing out during the warranty period. Otherwise, it is waste spending huge public money on roads which do not withstand rains.

K.R. Rajendran,


Put an end to this practice

The culture of bursting crackers in marriage functions is fast assuming intolerable proportions. There are three marriage halls close to each other on New Natham Road in the Iyer Bungalow area. Apart from the fact that they do not have any provision for parking facilities and disposing of garbage, they have become a real nuisance to residents because of noise pollution by blaring loudspeakers and bursting of crackers during marriages. Crackers are burst right on the main road without worrying about the traffic jam it causes and the possibility of accidents. The road becomes more congested and the plight of those in a hurry to reach their destinations is beyond description. Pedestrians are the most affected lot. There have been instances of people getting injured as a result of this juvenile act.

Of course, marriages are to be celebrated with joy, but certainly not in this manner, which causes noise pollution and danger to life and limbs. May I request the authorities concerned to take strong and effective steps immediately to put an end to this menace and help people live in peace.

D. Samuel Lawrence,


Environment Protection and Improvement Council (EPIC)

Subway needed

Number of vehicles and pedestrians are increasing all the time at the Tallakulam stretch of Alagarkoil Road, posing danger to road users. Hence, a pedestrian subway must be constructed at this point for the safety of pedestrians and smooth flow of vehicular traffic.

A. Vivekanantham,

Krishnan Nagar

Provide inverters

Normally during power shutdown hours, electric bill counters are closed.

It is a pity to note that all EB offices do not have inverter facility.

The State government is implementing many development schemes for the welfare of public and also supplying free laptops to students. TANGEDCO should have been issued orders to provide at least inverter facilities in the absence of power shutdown to receive electric bills from the public or otherwise the electric bills should be accepted for payment till 5 p.m.

I appeal to TANGEDCO either to provide inverter facility to all offices or extend the working hours to compensate hours lost during power shutdown.

R.G. Rethinam,


Nuclear project

The contention that the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project should be accepted since crores of rupees have been spent on it holds no water as there has been opposition against it ever since it was started. People who talk in support of the project live quite away from this area.

The supporters leaving aside their clinical approach ought to understand the apprehensions of the people in a subjective.

BBC. Chandrasekar,

Anna Nagar