Special Correspondent

VILLUPURAMThe Vanavasi Padhukappu Iyakkam - Tamil Nadu (Forest-dwellers’ Protection Movement) has urged the State government to remove from Scheduled Tribes list those persons who have converted to other religions.

In a representation handed over to Collector R. Palanisamy here, district secretary A. Kannan said that the Iyakkam had launched a State-wide signature campaign.

It was of the firm view that only those forest-dwellers who were following traditional practices and religious rituals should be treated as Hindu Adivasis (ST) and not others.

Those who converted to other religions were staking claim to Hindu Adivasis status just to get the benefits due to both STs and minorities. Because of their switching over to other religions, the Hindu tradition and culture were endangered. Therefore, the Iyakkam appealed to the government to delete such converts from the list of Hindu Adivasis (ST).