Staff Reporter

Tirupur: The District Treasury for the newly formed Tirupur district has been created according to the Government Order (GO) received in this regard here on Monday.

Collector C. Samayamoorthy told The Hindu that 71 posts had been sanctioned for the District Treasury, of which 25 were newly approved posts. The rest would be filled by redeployment of staff from the treasuries in Coimbatore and Erode districts (from which Tirupur district was created) and from the sub-treasury here.

Accordingly, the ‘full-fledged’ District Treasury will have one treasury officer (new post), one additional treasury officer (new post), two assistant treasury officers (new posts), 12 Superintendents (four new posts and eight redeployment), 36 accountants (11 new posts and 25 redeployment), nine junior assistants (three new posts and six redeployment), two typists (both redeployment), two record clerks (one new post and other by redeployment), five office assistants (one new post and the rest redeployment) and one night watchman (new post).


Mr. Samayamoorthy said that for the smooth operation of the new District Treasury, the State Government had sanctioned Rs. 51,38, 520 towards non-recurring expenditure and Rs. 65,49,977 towards recurring expenditure.


Once the segregation and diversion of necessary files from Coimabtore and Erode district, which is expected to be completed within a week, the District Treasury will start maintaining the accounts of receipts of government revenue and income from other sources besides disbursing government payments and pensions, and storing stamp papers.