The Tamil Nadu transport department has introduced a point-to-point service from Udumalpet to Tirupur. Many passengers unaware of this service occupies a seat in the bus. Later the bus conductor asks the passengers bound for intermediate destination to get down. This leads to a verbal duel between the conductor and the passengers. The passengers will have to make15 per cent extra payment in this point-to-point service. When the bus starts the conductor accommodates all passengers for intermediate destination also with 15 per cent extra fare and the point-to-point service gets converted into an ordinary service. Since travelling time is not reduced and there are no conveniences the point-to-point service should either be discontinued or the bus should be run according to the stipulated rules.

S. Boominathan,


Speed breakers

Vehicles plying between Finger Post and Ooty via Tamilagam Road go at a high speed. This poses a great hazard to pedestrians and other vehicles that take a diversion to go to Rosemount, a residential area. Speed breakers should be erected on the road which will act as a deterrent to “high speed drivers”.

Thelma Nethaji,


Medical stores

There was a suggestion some time ago to establish medical stores in important railway stations. Hospitals may be permitted to set up drug stores on condition that they provide free medical check-up. This will also provide employment to nurses and pharmacists.

B. Bellukutty,


Traffic police

There is heavy traffic on Sathy Road in the morning and the evening, till 9 p.m. Earlier there was a traffic police constable in Bharathi Nagar bus stop to help people cross the road. Now the constable has been removed. A few months ago there was an accident in the area killing two persons. A traffic police constable should be posted in the Bharathi Nagar area since lots of housing colonies have come up there and the area is crowded.

S. Sruthi,


Travel woes

On April 28 my wife and I travelled to Bangalore from Coimbatore by Lokmanya TT Express (Train number 1014, coach number S.5). The coach was littered with innumerable empty water bottles, torn newspapers, disposable tumblers etc. A few seconds before the departure of the train, a woman cleaned the coach in a haphazard way. We had a similar bitter experience in the same train (Coimbatore Express, train number 1013, coach number 10) on our return journey from Bangalore to Coimbatore on May 3. There was no water in the coach or in the adjoining ones.

B. Sripada Rajan,


Bus conductors

On May 26 when I travelled in a bus from Coimbatore Railway Station proceeding to Singanallur, I wanted to get off at a place called ‘Iyer Hospital’ which is a scheduled stopping point. When I told the conductor to stop the bus at the above place, he rudely replied that he had not heard of any such place and asked me to get out and find out where it was. I alighted from the bus with the help of a co-passenger. Conductors not knowing stops on the route should not be employed as conductors.

S. Venkatachalam,


Textile sector

The Union Textile Minister has promised to create one crore jobs in five years in the textile sector.

It has become a fashion of every minister to make such tall promises. Instead of fixing such illusive employment targets the minister should take steps to address the problems plaguing the textile industry and revamp it. The Minister should tackle the following problems. (1) Power supply at rates – free from any cross subsidy compulsion, including renewable/non-conventional energy sources (2) cost of funds at international interest rates (3) fixed policies for the next five years, without any changes, both by the Central and State governments (4) Delayed disbursement of financial incentives/subsidies/duty drawback owing to the lethargic attitude of officials and corrupt practices. If the above problems are solved, the textile industry will regain its original glory and provide a lot of employment opportunities.

R. Rajagopalan,


The Titans

If ever the history of industrialisation, its progress and prosperity of Coimbatore and Tirupur districts comes to be written the major credit for the same will be hogged by the Kammavar Naidu community. The pioneers among them are P.S. Ganga Naidu, G.I. Naidu and L.R.G. Naidu. The PSG group started ginning and spinning mills in the early decades of the 20th century. The group run top grade schools, arts and science colleges, engineering and medical colleges and hospitals. Why not someone write about their history and the yeoman services they rendered for posterity?

M.R. Pillai,


Slippery subway

On May 29 I entered the Coimbatore railway station with my wife at around 6.20 a.m. to board Jan Sadapthi Express. While walking through the subway my wife slipped causing fracture in the right leg ankle. I had to run from pillar to post to locate a wheel chair which had been parked near the STD booth at the remote corner of the entrance. Passengers who were in a hurry to catch the train helped me to lift my wife into the wheel chair and pushed it up to the entrance. Neither the policemen on duty nor the railway officials helped me.

S. Sagasranaman,

Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to with address and phone number)