Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The Chief Kazi to the Tamil Nadu Government, Salahuddin Mohammed Ayub, has written to the Governor, the Chief Minister and others to enquire into the matter relating to the “letter of resignation” which was “fraudulently obtained” from him.

In his representation, the Chief Kazi said that when he was in his office on May 31, two State Government officers met him and made a “false and fraudulent” statement that all members of the State Wakf Board had resigned from their membership “since the State Government wishes to reconstitute the Wakf Board afresh” and that he alone had not resigned yet. They sought his resignation. Surprised, he requested one of the officers to show him the resignation letters of other members to which the reply was “they were in his office.”

Dr.Ayub said he believed them and signed a resignation letter already prepared and presented to him by one of the officers. Later, he learnt that none of the other board members had resigned. He made a request that the official position be restored to him.