Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: They chronicle their every mood through status messages. They can type ‘chat’ faster than you can spell it. And these digital natives believe that you are what you share. Sixty three per cent of children between 12 and 14 years of age spend over an hour online every day, according to a recent study by Tata Consultancy Services done across 14 cities.

The study, conducted to capture trends on information access, social networking, higher education and career preferences, had 14,000 students largely from English medium schools.

In Chennai it was found that most of the students (75 per cent) preferred to access the Internet from their homes.

Google was the preferred source of information, compared to newspapers or television. Compared to other cities, Chennai had the most number of students using newspapers and magazines for information.

Going abroad for higher education was preferred by 63 per cent of the students interviewed, and 40 per cent preferred to go to the United States. Other popular destinations abroad were United Kingdom, and Australia.

And while 45 per cent said they would like to work in India, 41 per cent wanted to shift to foreign shores. And the rest responded that they hadn’t taken a call yet.