Staff Reporter

Tirupur: The Forest Department had confirmed that 29 goats and 120 broiler fowls found dead at Kandiayankoil and Nachipalayam villages recently have been killed by wild dogs.

The confirmation came after District Forest Officer (Coimbatore) I. Anwardeen and Forest Veterinary Officer (Coimbatore division) N.S. Manoharan reviewed the area during the last few days.

Pug marks

Dr. Manoharan told The Hindu that the killers of goats and fowls had been identified as wild dogs with the pug marks found in the area.

“The pug marks have revealed the presence of about five dogs in the area,” he said.


The department had intensified patrolling in the area and advised the villagers not to allow the goats to stray alone in the pasture lands.

Mr. Anwardeen said that two cage traps had been set in the village to catch the wild dogs.