The prices of all varieties of rice and pulses as well as edible oils have gone up steep high during the past few months. The central as well as State Governments should take effective steps immediately to bring down the prices within the reach of common man. The people on poverty line get assistance and relief through ration supply whereas it is the middle class who are the worst affected in this regard.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Parcel booking office needed

Paramakudi is a centre place in Ramanathapuram district. The public of Kamuthi, Kadaladi, Mudukulathur and Ilayankudi taluks use the Paramakudi railway station. In Paramakudi, weavers send their goods to Mumbai, Kolkotta, Delhi and Chennai through trains. But there is no parcel booking facility at Paramakudi. Will authorities start a parcel booking office?

V. Rajendran,


Noise pollution

Noise pollution will become the biggest concern of the residents of Ramanathapuram, especially during Adi month when almost all the temples will celebrate “Kappukattu festival” for about a week.

Cone speakers will play all sorts of music day and night. The decibel level of the loudspeakers is so high that it will impair one’s hearing.

This disturbs the studies of students, sleep of the aged and ailing persons. This has a grave impact on health also.

Cone speakers should be banned and stringent action taken against the violators. Public announcement should be made in this regard. It is hoped that the matter will get the serious attention of the officials concerned.

G. Nagasamy,