Staff Reporter

PUDUKOTTAI: As part of ‘Educational Development Day’ celebrations, the Education Department has started Mathematics laboratory at three select high schools in the district recently. The laboratory aims at making mathematics an interesting subject by adopting student-friendly technique. Each laboratory has infrastructure worth about Rs. 2lakh that includes 84 major components including Abacus for different mathematical applications, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; an exclusive aid for the formation of equations; sets explaining through simple means the principle of the Pythogoras Theorem; geo-board for arriving at the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM); Highest Common Factor (HCF) so on and so forth.

“Often, many students find it difficult to learn the basic concept of mathematics, algebra or geometry. The laboratory will not only enhance their understanding capability but also create an interest in them towards the subject,” said Chief Educational Officer S. Chellam.

The labs were started at the Government High Schools in Rajalipatti near Viralimalai; Nallur near Ponnamaravathy — both in Pudukottai Education district and Oothaipuli Kudiyiruppu near Arimalam in the Aranthangi Education District, she said.

Headmaster of the school at Oothaipuli Kudiyiruppu village V. Tamizharasu, said that the laboratory was class-specific benefiting 395 students of standards VI to X.

Headmaster of Nallur school Vijayan said students would easily learn the tough components of mathematics. About 288 students of the school would stand to benefit, said Maths teacher Balasubramanian.