Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The orthopaedic team at Apollo Hospital has used arthroscopy to treat a woman patient whose diabetic state had completely immobilised a shoulder.

The patient had been suffering acute pain in the “frozen shoulder” for over six months. The team led by knee replacement and arthroscopic surgeon C.Lenin performed a procedure called Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Catheterization, a minimally invasive technique that avoided opening the joint.

Surgeons performed an arthroscopic capsular release (loosening up of tight capsules) before resorting to catheterization in the post-operative period.

Dr.Lenin said that the technique helped mobilise the patient’s shoulder much sooner than conventional procedures.

Pain-free procedure

N.Sathyabhama, Director of Medical Services at the hospital said using arthroscopic catheterization had shown to be a patient-friendly and pain-free procedure.