Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: An enclosure in the reptile house area at the Vandalur Zoo was found broken open on Saturday.

Zoo authorities said an attempt was made to remove the Sand Boa from the enclosure. However, the authorities claimed that they have already released the Boa in to the Lion Safari a few days ago.

According to sources from the zoo, nearly half-a-dozen Boas which were rescued were rehabilitated at the zoo.

But the zoo authorities fearing that Boas would be stolen, safely released them in to the Lion Safari area.

The authorities were not able to identify the person who broke open one of the enclosure at the reptile house.

Only a couple of days ago a huge Sand Boa weighing more than 2 kgs was seized at Tiruttani and brought to the zoo.

The culprit thinking that the Boa seized from Tiruttani is housed at the particular enclosure due to which he made an attempt, the zoo authorities added.