Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: A two-day workshop, inaugurated at Sri Ramachandra University on Saturday, sought to study the various aspects of voice, its use and abuse.

The workshop, was organised by the Departments of ENT and Neck Surgery and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.

“We are looking not at throat surgeries but a little below…at the voice box,” said ENT surgeon A. Ravikumar, organising chairman of the workshop.

“Your posture, the way you breathe, move your lips, facial and neck muscles and emotions, are all controlled by the mind. We now have equipment that uses video clips and measures the vibrations of the vocal chords,” he explained.

Vocalist Sudha Raghunathan, who inaugurated the event, sang 3 different songs with different modulations.

Speech Pathologist Prakash Bhoominathan said in each song she used her “glottal power” to express her feelings to the audience.

“Volume changes and modulations in voice are very important. So, a singer must learn to control pitch and loudness independently,” he said.