N. Anand

CII-TNSC initiative will provide one-to-one discussions

“We are coaching CEOs to stay focussed and provide training in business development”

CII plans to help nearly 50 CEOs in the

foreseeable future

CHENNAI: Management gurus are now coaching and mentoring CEOs from the State on a one-to-one basis to enable them to stay focused, develop better strategy and improved growth path for the company.

As part of the Confederation of Indian Industry-Tamil Nadu State Council (CII-TNSC) initiative, several specialists with national and international experiences are part of it. They have started mentoring CII-TNSC chairman C.K.Ranganathan and four others from Coimbatore. CII plans to mentor nearly 50 CEOs in the foreseeable future.

“It is common to see this type of coaching by the professionals or management gurus in the US. In India, the CEOs of traditional companies feel that what they do is correct. If they go wrong, they do not have the right person to resolve their problems. Hence, we are giving them an opportunity to interact with the experts on regular basis and to structure their organisation properly,” Mr.Ranganathan, who is also the chairman and managing director of CavinKare told The Hindu.

According to CII officials, the experts will have one-to-one discussions with the CEOs, followed by an orientation course. They will interact with the CEOs once in 15 days and will maintain absolute secrecy. The coaching and mentoring will start once the top bosses gain confidence.

“This is a different area which has not been touched upon. We are coaching the CEOs to stay focused, take better decisions, provide training in their business development programmes, try out new things and enable them to move up the value chain. If the mentoring has the desired impact on the top bosses, then it will have a significant impact on growth and profitability,” said Mr.Ranganathan.

After a few rounds of interaction, the CEOs of traditional firms – engaged in textile, engineering and education – said that they were happy to experiment different kinds of experience.

“It is not a short term course. If the CEO is willing, he can be associated with the management guru for years together. CII is playing the role of a facilitator and the profession fee has to be paid by the individual concerned,” the official said.