While granting relief in accident cases, trial courts allow interest on compensation from date of filing of cases.

Normally, it takes several years to get a decree from courts because of many such cases and courts grant interest for such lengthy period.

Insurance companies deposit the award plus accrued interest only after deducting TDS (tax deducted at source) at the rate of 10 per cent on the accrued interest calculated on the award.

The recipient of the award has to apply to the Income Tax Department and get back refund of the tax deducted. Most of the recipients of the court wards in such cases are not IT assessees and they do not have Permanent Account Number.

So, to apply for refund is cumbersome procedure. I appeal to the Finance Minister to bring suitable amendment to IT Act.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Old age homes

In less educated families, as in villages, when youngsters work in their place, they do live with their aged parents and care for them.

In well-educated families, as in urban and semi-urban areas, when the young people have to migrate to other places for their jobs, they tend to live away from their parents.

The mindset of the elderly is a real stumbling-block.

The argument that the parents should set apart money from their funds for the twilight of their existence is right.

But this argument is only in respect of those who are lucky to earn and save.

How about the lakhs and lakhs of the cursed ones who could not earn, and even if could earn, could not save at all? They are the ones who need succour.

And it is the Government’s duty to set up enough old age homes to care for the aged. Like the education cess, a cess can be levied solely for the benefit of the old.

G.K.S. Kandasubramanian,


Smuggling of rice

Not a day passes without reports of ration rice being smuggled in the press and electronic media.

A total of 1,065 bags of PDS rice and two lorries transporting them were reported to have been seized in Madurai on December 10.

This is only a tip of the iceberg.

The PDS rice smuggling is rampant all over Tamil Nadu. This is because the PDS rice is the cheapest commodity being sold at Rs.2 per kilogram.

The Government should form a special squad in every district under the control of respective Collectors.

Habitual offenders in rice smuggling should be arrested as a first step.

G. Nagasamy,


Bad roads

The National Highway at Paramakudi has been badly damaged, owing to heavy rain. In many places, potholes have been formed on the road. Motorists have to face the problem of bad roads. Pilgrims from other States also travel along this road.

Will the authorities take steps to fill the potholes with stones and patch up and repair works on a war footing?

V. Rajendiran,


Fix nameboards

For the convenience of delivery of letters promptly and correctly, all house owners and tenants should fix the name boards including their profession and names of their wards near the door number.

It should be made compulsory. The authorities concerned may carry out such suggestions. This will be helpful to postmen to locate the correct address.

M.S. Sankaran,


Free saris and dhotis

In view of Pongal, free saris and dhotis will be distributed in January but the supply is made through the respective village administrative officers. Even free distribution of colour TV sets, LPG gas stoves may be given through ration shops.

V. Kumar,

Thekkuruichy, Kanyakumari district.