Staff Reporter

KANCHEEPURAM: Peculiar slang used in Tamil television serials and movies has become a cause for concern among Malaysian Tamil Writers, according to P. Rajendran, president, Malaysian Tamil Writers Association.

Talking to reporters here on December 10, Mr. Rajendran said the Association’s prime objective was to preserve and promote the individuality and charm of the Tamil language among the Malaysian Tamils. “But, the way in which Tamil is being pronounced in movies and television serials has created an apprehension among us that our younger generation might get carried away by this peculiar slang”, he said.

He claimed that their forefathers, who had migrated to Malaysia and other countries some 100 to 150 years ago from India and Sri Lanka, cherished the language as their treasure and preserved it. Mr.Rajendran replied in positive when asked whether the Malaysian government had extended support to the efforts taken by the Malaysian Tamil scholars in preserving their language. “A total of 523 Tamil schools are functioning in Malaysia with financial aid from the government”, he pointed out.