I appreciate the Government Order that schools in Tamil Nadu should get permission from the police department to conduct fencing classes. Most of the parents send their wards to schools for academic excellence, but in some schools they encourage students in violent arts like karate, kung-fu, fencing, boxing etc.

These types of arts create violence, negative thoughts and revenge in young minds. Instead, it would be better to teach harmless activities to students.

For example, yoga, chess and other arts, which make them healthy and increase their memory power, can be taught.

All they need is a sound mind and good health, which will make them a good citizen. I request the authorities concerned to look into this matter.

A. Vimala


Daily train service to Bangalore

There is only one regular train to Bangalore for Southern Districts i.e., Tuticorin-Mysore Express which is running fully packed.

Tickets were sold out a month before and the weekly special Nagercoil-Bangalore is not enough to cater to the needs of people.

Last year, the Bangalore-Tuticorin special train was running almost daily for certain period with good patronage. This year, the frequency is reduced to weekly once and people who are not able to get a ticket are going to buses which are tedious and not safe for night travel.

I request the railway authorities to operate the Bangalore-Nagercoil special train via Hosur, Erode, Dindigul, Madurai and vice versa daily – at least during festival and vacation days.

This train should be made a permanent one because most of the IT people working in Bangalore are from the southern districts.

S. Sundararajan


Power shutdown

Recent power shutdown at intermittent periods is causing great inconvenience to the public. The power-cut is being made daily, day and night.

If the time of power shutdown is announced in advance, people will adjust their use of cooking devices, grinder, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioners etc. at their convenient time.

Also, when power is cut, streetlights get switched off simultaneously causing a lot of disturbance to pedestrians.

Hence, I appeal to the Electricity Board to keep it in mind not to switch off streetlights and shutdown should be announced either through radio or the press in advance.

R.G. Rethinam


Bifurcate police station

The jurisdiction of Oomatchikulam police station spreads between Madurai city and Natham. Surveillance and patrolling of such a vast area is very difficult for a police station with limited personnel and conveyance facilities. Criminal activities such as chain snatching, scaling the walls, robbery and thefts are increasing day by day.

As Oomatchikulam is far away for many residents, they find it very difficult to report the loss of their possessions. In many cases, it is left unreported.

Hence for the convenience of the public and police department, Oomatchikulam police station may be bifurcated and a new police station may be created comprising the residential areas of Bharathi Nagar, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Anaiyur, Narayanapuram etc.

Will the concerned authorities take immediate steps to open a new police station carved out of the southern portion of Oomatchikulam police limits?

S. Balakrishnan


Underground drainage

After a long delay, the Corporation has laid pipes for underground drainage water on P and T Nagar Main Road area from Thiruvalluvar Colony to P & T Nagar Colony.

But work was suddenly stopped. It would be helpful if drainage connections are sanctioned.

Will Corporation look into this and do the needful?

A. Vivekanantham


Lay proper speed breakers

There is no second thought in providing speed breakers in accident prone areas such as near school, cinema theatre, hospital, entrance etc. But there should be some norms in creating speed breakers.

In some places, the speed breakers are vertical on either side with height of more than one foot.

Chassis of small cars dash against speed breakers while crossing them. Two wheelers are also worst hit in passing through them.

These interferences should be taken into account before creating such steep speed breakers.

C. Poosaikannu