Lorries and mini buses are parked both day and night around Mariamman Kovil in Sivakasi. Right from Ammankoilpatti Bridge to Uravinmurai Nandhavanam, pot vendors, mutton stalls and tricycle traders encroach upon the road.

I request the Sivakasi Hindu Nadars Magamai managing board to put up ‘no parking’ boards around Mariamman Kovil and the Sub-collector to evict all encroachers from Thermutti to Mariamman Kovil for free flow of traffic.

S.N.M.T. Nagarajan,



Encroachments on main roads and highways were removed at Ramanathapuram recently. But encroachments on lanes, pathways, small roads and streets remain as it is sans any action. Discrimination should not be shown between main roads, highways and municipal streets. Will the authorities take action in this regard?

Asmabagh Anvardeen,



In Paramakudi Municipality, the slaughter house is functioning in an old dilapidated building with poor facilities. I appeal to the authorities to construct a modern slaughter house at Paramakudi.

V. Rajendran,


Medical reimbursement

If a pensioner gets treatment from a Government authorised hospital, he is entitled to 75 per cent of reimbursement out of the total expenditure. The spouse who gets such a treatment is not entitled for any reimbursement. When he or she is entitled for family pension in the event of the death of the pensioner, the denial of reimbursement to the family pensioner is not justified.

I request the State Government to look into the plight of the family pensioners and sanction reimbursement facility.

G. Nagasamy,