Much has been written about the proposed sewage treatment plant at a location on Nanjundapuram Road in Coimbatore which has been notified as ‘residential’.

The construction of the plant, flouting all established norms and without obtaining clearance from the Pollution Control Board (PCB), was in full swing until the work was stopped by the Madras High Court on an appeal from residents.

What is surprising is the attitude of the Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner, who, instead of finding an amicable solution, questions the residents of all the nearby layouts as to why they chose to buy their flats there!

It is the very same Corporation which has approved all these layouts and given drinking water and sewerage connections! Following the High Court’s order stopping the construction till environmental clearance is obtained, the Corporation is using all its powers to get the PCB give the clearance, while the Commissioner is silent on how the construction was started without the PCB clearance.

The Board has now appointed a committee which met at the site on July 4. At the meeting the commissioner categorically said the plant would be set up at any cost and the aspects of smell and environmental damage would be dealt with technically.

R.I. Seshan,

Nanjundapuram Road.

Noble gesture

The report about a 16-year-old American high school girl student (July 21) coming to India with her mother during her vacation to serve the underprivileged and physically challenged children was heartening.

Her innovative method of gleaning money for the journey is admirable.

The motivation is the spontaneous burning passion for humanitarian and philanthropic service to the needy.

According to her mother, her daughter’s service-mindedness is attributable to her genes. May their tribe increase!

S. Venkatachalam,


Water scarcity

According to newspaper reports, Pilloor and Siruvani Dams are overflowing and authorities are taking steps to supply adequate water once in two days to the Corporation area. People residing in the suburban areas get Pilloor drinking water only once in 12 days and that too for only two-and-a-half hours (with less pressure).

I request the authorities concerned to pay special attention to the suburban areas also and try to supply water at least once in seven days.

B. Ramaswamy,


Traffic management

The intersection of Thadagam Road and NSR Road near Saibaba Colony has two major schools.

The schools are just 100 metres apart. Thadagam Road gets clogged every morning during school days and the congestion is getting worse day by day.

There is a great risk of school children being involved in accidents.

The traffic police appear to be helpless in controlling traffic.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to cross these two schools.

The traffic management requires major changes such as no parking zones on Thadagam Road, taking no right turns from the schools etc.

M. N. Viswanathan,


Rampant corruption

I read about government offices bereft of employees during working hours and also rampant corruption forcing poor people not to go to these offices (July 15). I have seen this malady many times between 1970 and 1998 when I had to visit the government headquarters hospital pharmacy, its administrative office and the like.

My visits were to ascertain why the bills for supplies of medicines made by my company were not settled even after six months and after a dozen reminders by post from my office.

A head clerk kept on dodging me with evasive replies and I got my papers through and my cheque after offering him some money.

Later I had to also bribe the storekeeper at the pharmacy to process the supply order.

S. Sunder,


Public purpose

Subramania Nagar, with more than 250 house sites, broad roads, shops, community hall, school etc. on the Vadavalli-Thondamuthur Road, was formed about 18 years ago.

Practically no improvement has so far taken place here because the Kuthampalayam Kuttai has surrounded it. Will the Vadavalli Town Panchayat take appropriate action to make use of the Kuttai for public purpose as early as possible?

C.R. Balasundaram,


Milk price

Though there have been complaints from consumers that retailers sell Aavin milk sachets at a price more than the stipulated one, no action has been taken against them.

Now the milk producers’ cooperatives have demanded that the milk procurement price be increased. The government should not accede to their demand until a proper evaluation about the cost and other matters relating to milk procurement and sale is done.

J.G. Kanagaraj,

Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to with address and phone number)