Special Correspondent

‘Yuvaparivartan’ organises training courses, camps and seminars on health issues

Udhagamandalam: Having been recognised as a non-governmental organisation to reckon with in various parts of the country over the last few years ‘Yuvaparivartan’ with its headquarters at Coonoor has now gained international recognition.

With the organisation being nominated by a Washington-based group for the Ann C. Mitchel-Women in Literacy award its Managing Trustee Indira Koithara went to Washington earlier this month to receive it.

Stating that ‘Yuvaparivartan’ which came into being in 1995 had been active in eight states, Ms. Koithara told The Hindu here on Tuesday that since 2000 the Nilgiris had been its main area of concentration. In other states work was being carried out through a decentralised network of affiliates.

Pointing out that its focus was on literacy promotion, income generation, health and sanitation, promoting the self-help group concept and tribal uplift, she said that its primary objective was to motivate and train young men and women to act as agents of social and economic change.

To promote this objective, ‘Yuvaparivartan’ organises training courses, camps, workshops and seminars on health issues, population issues, literacy promotion, income generation, community enterprises, processes of socio economic development, self-exploration and self-development.