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New system promotes interaction between students and teachers

COIMBATORE: Black boards are soon becoming out of fashion in Government schools in the district. It’s less chalk and more action for teachers and students.

The Active Learning Methodology introduced for the upper primary section focusses on enhancing creative thinking and understanding in children.

Rather than mindless learning from textbooks, the new system promotes interaction between the students and the teachers.

The students read the textbook on their own and underline words they don’t understand.

Then they either pen their thoughts or pictorially represent what they grasp from the lesson.

Students themselves prepare questions based on what have learnt. It is only at this juncture that the teacher intervenes. The words they do not understand are explained and the students are introduced to the next portion of the lesson only after the class is thorough with the concept.

Method of pedagogy

“The thrust of the new method is on learning through practice,” says S. Karmegam, Chief Educational Officer.

He was at the science exhibition on at the PSG Sarvajana School. “The role of a teacher here is that of a facilitator,” he adds.

About 1,000 teachers have been trained in Active Learning Methodology.

“This method of pedagogy motivates teachers to do their best. They cannot escape their responsibility and have to be well prepared before they handle a class,” Mr. Karmegam says.

Regular teacher training programmes on the concept are also being organised.

All the schools have been asked to follow this method.