Special Correspondent

NEYEVELI: Corruption should be eradicated to make a nation strong and prosperous. If individuals or groups corner all the wealth in the country, poverty and health problems will arise weakening the nation, former Director General of Police D. Mukherjee said.

He was delivering the valedictory address at the Vigilance Awareness Week celebrations here.

Absence of vigilance resulted in corruption, Mr. Mukherjee said. As such, both vigilance and corruption were interlinked. Vigilance developed over the centuries had been codified by Kautilya.

According to Mr. Mukherjee, vigilance was a ‘Vedic’ concept and was defined as a tool to enforce moral and ethical order.

As a corollary, the concept of punishment arose.

Mr. Mukherjee said that it was for those at the helm of affairs to rectify shortcomings without giving room for misuse. He suggested periodic job rotation to prevent any employee from developing vested interests.

S. Jayaraman, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of NLC, decried the tendency among officials that rules were meant only for the common man and they could be excused for certain lapses.

The officials should scrupulously follow the rules and set an example to others, he said.

The Right to Information Act had bestowed the rights on every citizen to know about the decision-making process and therefore every action of the officials was in the public domain, he said.