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Seers’ meeting in Chennai on November 17

COIMBATORE: The Rameswaram Ramsetu Protection Movement has demanded the Centre to announce by November 30 that the Ramar Sethu is a national monument and that it will not be damaged in the process of implementing the Sethusamudhram Ship Canal Project.

This was one of the resolutions passed at the State-level meeting of the Movement held here.


It was also decided that processions would be taken out across the State to create awareness on the need to protect the Ramar Sethu.

A meeting of seers would be held in Ayodhya on November 13 and in Chennai on November 17 on Ramar Sethu protection.

The resolutions passed at these meetings would be implemented by the movement.

Its working president, Rama Gopalan, told presspersons here on Monday that the Central Government panel on the canal project had said that 20,000 people had submitted their views to it in person between October 29 and November 6.

The panel should publish the details of those who appeared before it, he said.

He disputed the claim of the panel appointed by the Central Government that 20,000 people represented to it in person.

He added that “Ram Shila Yatra” would be taken out across the country from November 20 to December 10 wherein stones collected from the Ramar Sethu would be taken out in a procession to create awareness among public about the bridge.