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I welcome the announcement made by Southern Railway (The Hindu, November 4, 2007) that the services of EMU trains on the Beach-Chengalpattu section on Sundays would be maintained like weekday services to enable commuters to go for shopping during festivals.

However it was disappointing that this facility/service had not been extended to the travelling public of the Chennai-Arakkonam section.

S. Venugopal


Plight of a school

The Kerala Tourism Department is constructing a nine-storey building with 91 rooms, close to our school, for which it has started pile foundation work.

We fear that such an enormous pile foundation work may cause vibrations to the school building. The foundations of our school building, which is meant for only four floors, may be seriously damaged at any time.

In addition, behind our school and the proposed construction site of a hotel, there is a drain canal which may also cause sliding of soil very easily.

Under these circumstances, there is an imminent danger for more than 500 children studying in this school.

The pile foundation will cause noise pollution and affect the working of the school.

Sunitha Vipinchandran

Principal, Asan Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Greams Road

Post boxes

In yesteryears, innumerable post boxes were kept in every nook and corner of the city.

Now it is beyond comprehension why so many of them have suddenly disappeared. As long as they were here and there, it was easy for public in every area to post cards, inland letters and articles.

In these difficult days of heavy traffic and big medians along almost all roads, it is an uphill task for old people and children, especially, to reach the nearest post office (which is in fact far away).

Hence, it will be appreciated if the Post Master General could make good efforts to have post boxes installed, at least in important places.

N.C. Ramachandran


MTC bus guide

An up-to-date Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus guide is most essential for the travelling public and tourists in Chennai.

It should be published in English and Tamil, along with a detailed route map. Early action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

P.V. Srinivasan

Sastri Nagar


While Manavalanagar town was in its primitive stage, the TNEB erected lamp-posts wherever it felt fit.

But later, after the formation of streets, the lamp-posts now lie in the middle of the streets, totally obstructing free passage of four-wheelers, apart from causing much hindrance to the residents.

Despite our fervent appeals to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Manavalanagar, time and again, it is reluctant to replace the lamp-posts lying in the middle on Bagirathi Street, Vivekanandar Street, and Tirupur Kumaran Street etc.

The authorities concerned are once again requested to do the needful at the earliest.

N.B.S. Manian


Pollution campaign

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) campaigns on the pollution issue only during the Deepavali festival which takes only two or three days in a year (“Campaign for Deepavali sans noise and air pollution” in The Hindu, November 6. 2007).

It will do better to carry on the campaign against high decibels from vehicle horns and reverse gear music all through the year, especially in residential area.

K. Sunder,

Ashok Nagar

Foot overbridge

The Santhome area is, of late, becoming a big business area comprising a big marriage hall (Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar building), ICICI office, Sun TV office, Image auditorium, International hotel and many IT corridors in MRC Nagar. Also the environmental park is going to attract many tourists. There is Chettinad Vidyashramam slated to become a good learning centre (likely to start college and the deemed university). Moreover, there are Ambedkar University and Sathiabama Arts and Science College near here.

Every day some accidents take place. With vans, motorcycles, and cars occupying most of the road space, pedestrians virtually have no space to move about. Also there is a nuisance of scooterists and cyclists using the western portion of the road.

Therefore, I request construction of a medium-sized foot overbridge at a vital point.

I suggest the Ikkiaalayam point or ICICI circle where a foot overbridge, if constructed, will be useful for pedestrians crossing the road.

V. Thiagarajan

Raja Annamalaipuram

Additional bus service

I request the MTC to operate additional bus services on route No. 5-A cross operating from Balaji Nagar to T.Nagar between 9.15 a.m. to 10 a.m. for the benefit of office-goers. The MTC may kindly do the needful for the residents of Madambakkam.

M. Krishnaswamy


Unreserved compartments

This refers to difficulties experienced by commuters in unreserved train compartments in long-distance trains.

Most of the daytime special trains are running between Chennai Egmore and Madurai (Nagercoil also) with four to five unreserved compartments. All trains are full on all days.

In the unreserved compartments, people are sitting, packed like sardines in such a manner that they are not able to get up and go to the bathroom. If they go to bathroom, their seats will be taken over by some others.

The condition of elderly people, children and women travelling in these compartments is pathetic.

I request railway authorities to run one train everyday to these destinations with all compartments unreserved so that the difficulty can be minimised.

C. Valli Nayagam


Bad road

Thousands of railway and ICF employees are daily using the road from the Villivakkam Railway Station to ICF Shell Factory and Administrative Office but the condition of road is so bad that no vehicle could pass through it easily. The road is strewn with gutter and bottles.

Inspite of several complaints made to the authorities concerned,

no action has been taken.

G. Abyvarghese

President Senthil Nagar Youth & Residents Welfare Association Senthil Nagar

Bus timings display

Appropos a reader’s letter on the subject.

It is not difficult to display timings on every bus in every bus stand.

Each bus maybe provided a board near the driver’s seat.

The driver, while disembarking for his break, can inscribe the time of next departure on the board using a chalk piece and hang it at the driver’s door for all to see.

It not only helps commuters to note timings but also prevents a scramble for bus-hopping when another bus starts.

A. V. Ramana Rao,


Construction workers

A recent write-up, published in The Hindu, on the use of high-rise material-handling cranes and the inadequate safety standards for the workers needs a close scrutiny.

All over the world, there are strict regulations on safety to be followed for construction workers.

Therefore, it is sad to note that a construction industry representative mentions that there are no such regulations in India, in general, and in Tamil Nadu, in particular.

In the past, there were a few accidents of workers falling to death from high-rise construction sites.

It is time that wearing of helmets and the use of properly secured harness were made mandatory, at least in all government and public sector constructions.

Protection of the unorganised poor construction workers should be the concern of the government, through an executive directive, in the absence of a legal regulation. Effective implementation of the directive can only be achieved by a strict monitoring mechanism.

Y. V. Rao,

Shenoy Nagar.

Night patrolling

Police personnel do patrolling in a siren-fixed jeep daily.

But it seems, the department has fixed a particular time — 3 a.m. — and it is being adhered to strictly.

Would it not be helpful if this schedule is changed — different timings on different dates.

Further, the siren sound, although cautions the people, may also alert the anti-socials.

However, the siren disturbs the sleep of the aged and ailing people and small children.

If there is a valid reason for sticking to a particular time and the use of sirens, these have to be borne with.

I.S. Srinivasan

T.V.K. Nagar




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