U C MAS- India Group, the Leader in Abacus Mental Arithmetic & Memory Concepts and Practices field, enters “English Language Skills Training Arena” through its subsidiary CUE English Pvt. Ltd. Demand for comprehensive English language skills training is looking up, offering preparatory program for the children of the age group 7 – 12 years to make them write YLE (Young Learners English) tests offered by University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages), a division of Cambridge University.

Quality comes out of Quality components only. Quality of learning centres, Quality conscious Teaching faculty, who are not only competent but also experienced, Qualitative Course Material, Quality supporting monitoring & testing methods, above all Quality conscious management assure the parents that their search for English language Learning, as a skill-set, ends at CUE English.

The ultimate objective of the program is to enable the children speak & listening and Reading & Writing - english steadily and systematically. All the four skills Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing get equal attention and the program enables command in every skill.

CUE English would start their Learning Centres in a phased manner. The first phase would be launching centres in Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi and certain of the district locations. A great opportunity now awaits the children to strengthen their English Language skills, with never-before-seen focus, forgetting their worries which eluded them to access English Language Learning comprehensively. Now your children can Read, Write, Speak and Listen-to English, the way the English do. The wait now ends here and now.