Festivity and laughter is back in the air. The smell of new clothes, sweets and crackers pervade and people are soaking in the excitement of the festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. Diwali means different things to different people.

For easy spenders, it is a season where they can celebrate in style splurging on everything from jewellery to textiles to electronics to white goods.

Then, there are those who choose down to earth celebrations shorn of all frills

All these classifications mean nothing to children. For, it is they who are at their most

Enthusiastic and noisiest best during the festival. Their cup of joy is full. For them, the festival is all about new clothes and crackers. Excitedly lighting up sparkler after sparkler, the wait, hearts thumping, to see if the cracker they just lit goes off.

In Madurai, the festive spirit has caught on and the shopping centers in the city are abuzz with activity. At vilakkuththoon one of the busiest shopping area covered with thousands of shoppers. It is like a sea of human thronged a single locality.

The shop owners on the platform are busy selling their products to the last minute shoppers. Vehicular traffic on the roads in that area was blocked to enable people movement smooth.

Festivals are occasions for heralding something new, especially when there are many takers.

And , manufacturing of designer sarees, silk sarees, designer dress materials and jewellery are gearing up to enjoy the windfull.

Cotton lovers were looking for the famed mangalagiris, kanchis and chettinads.

Adding to the festive spirit are the SMS greetings that are taking the city by storm. Text messages like let me be the first to wish you a happy diwali.

And shubh Diwali are flashing across cellphone screens and emails.

Among the special graphic-rich. SMSs is the one of the countdown to diwali. As you scroll down, the digital clock does a diwali countdown for you….. 00.03, 00.02, 00.01 …. Boom ! Happy Diwali !