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2,000 cusecs released to fill dry water bodies

MADURAI: Even as the water level in Vaigai dam continued to rise towards the full reservoir level of 71 feet, the Public Works Department on Thursday began to release 2,000 cusecs to fill dry irrigation tanks in Ramanathapuram district.

The release that began at 6 p.m. will ease the flood threat in the dam. The PWD had issued the first flood warning when the level touched 66 feet.

The total discharge from the dam was 3,441 cusecs, including 1,441 cusecs being released for irrigation purpose.

The level in the dam stood at 66.50 feet with an inflow of 2,268 cusecs at 6 a.m. on Thursday.The discharge of 2,000 cusecs would be scaled down to 1,625 on the evening of November 7. It would be further reduced to 1,550 cusecs the next day and the discharge stopped on November 11, according to PWD sources.

The discharge would benefit tanks in the third reach of the irrigation system — between Parthibanur and Big Tank in Ramanathapuram. With the North East monsoon just setting in, the PWD officials are cautious in building up storage in the Vaigai dam. Though the full reservoir level is 71 feet, a cushion of three to four feet of storage space should be kept considering the anticipated inflow during the monsoon.

Meanwhile, the discharge from Periyar dam into Kerala side went up further to 366 cusecs on Thursday. While the inflow into the dam was 2,474 cusecs, the drawal to Tamil Nadu was 1,878 cusecs. The level in the dam stood at 136.5 feet (full level 136 feet). The combined Periyar credit stood at 8,470 mcft.

No rainfall was recorded in the Periyar-Vaigai basin in the last 24 hours.