Special Correspondent

VILLUPURAM: Special Commissioner (Employment and Training) P. Sivagami called upon members of the Irula community to impart education to their wards to improve their standard of living. She was speaking at a function organised by the Pazhangudi Irular Education Trust held here on Wednesday. She said that in the past five years there was considerable improvement in the literacy level among the members of the community. Ms. Sivagami noted that the Irulas were eking out a living by doing odd jobs in brick kilns and farms. They continued to engage in their traditional occupation of capturing snakes and rats. Only through education could their lot be improved. She called upon the district administration to issue community certificates to them. Collector Brajendra Navnit said that in the last six months 2,000 Irula families living on Kalvaryan Hills were given community certificates. He noted that while the literacy rate of the district stood at 73 per cent, that of the Irulas was a mere 13 per cent.