Staff Reporter

KANCHEEPURAM: The Kancheepuram Municipal Council meeting, called by Chairman V. Rajendran, came to an end within a few minutes amidst din on Monday.

It all began after the Chairman directed the council clerk to read the resolutions listed for the meeting . Simultaneously, DMK floor leader A. Sekar stood up and started reading a resolution demanding that all 77 resolutions tabled for the meeting be ‘suspended’ since a total of 27 councillors have lost confidence in Mr.Rajendran.

Further, the resolutions said to have been passed at the council meetings held on August 31 and September 21 were pending before the Collector for clarification. Mr. Sekar said the 27 councillors had moved this resolution, seeking suspension of all resolutions. They had also held the Chairman responsible for not executing various welfare projects in the town with the intention to create a bad image about the present DMK government.

Mr.Rajendran, who had asked Mr.Sekar to raise the issue after passing the resolutions tabled for the meeting, left the council hall announcing that all resolutions were passed unanimously. Subsequently, all the AIADMK councillors and two Congress councillors left the hall.

Vice-Chairman G. Sambandam, who had recently joined the DMK, made a remark, which sparked off protests from AIADMK councillors, led by Manoharan, who were leaving the hall. Thereafter, the Council hall plunged into commotion for sometime.