Special Correspondent

VILLUPURAM: Residents of the coastal area of Chinnamudaliarkuppam in Kottakuppam town panchayat near here are threatened by sea erosion that has been occurring over a period.

The sea here is extremely rough and high tides are making incursions into fishermen colonies at frequent intervals. Already, several trees on the coastline were uprooted and many houses damaged. On the insistence of the coastal people, authorities put up a wall of palm trees for a length of over 200 m. But, over time, this turned into a sand dune and the waves advanced. The Water Resource Organisation of the Public Works Department later put up groynes at the cost of lakhs of rupees but it proved inadequate as seawater entered the colonies by over 50 m beyond this point.

Villagers have now started to use locally available materials such as cement slabs and old tyres to put up a third layer of barricade. They have also piled up sandbags along the coast. But, they know that these are only ad hoc measures.

Collector R. Palanisamy has said that an expert team from the Centre assessed the situation. Once its findings are released, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry would make joint effort to safeguard the place.