The work on the four-laning of the Kanyakumari-Panagudi section of the National Highway 7 has come to a standstill during the middle of 2006.

Many months have lapsed. The work is yet to be restarted. The work on the widening of the National Highway stretching from Parvathypuram to Kavalminaruvillaku has faced a setback.

The road is bad. Drivers of all kinds of vehicles find it difficult to pass through the road. The arrangement to convert the Kanyakumari-Thiruvanthapuram section into a three-way highway is also incomplete.

The Union Government should do the needful for the early completion these pending road works.

S. Ganesan,

Eranial, Kanyakumari district.

Keep hospital neat

It was reported that a demonstration was staged on 13.10.2007 against the poor service and stray dong menace in the Tuticorin Medical College Hospital.

Hygienically clean and neat atmosphere is a necessity in a hospital. Some intolerably decadent odour emanates at the entry of many of the general wards to which poor patients are admitted.

Mainly, the Government Hospitals are meant for the poor. The hospitals should not be a breeding ground for spread of diseases.

N. Kasilingam,


Coin shortage

Shortage of 50 paise coin is felt everywhere. The public have to lose 50 paise for want of 50 paise coins. No action seems to have been taken to mint sufficient coins to overcome the shortage.

In shops in stead of 50 paise balance, chocolates are offered as a sop. 25 paise coins are seen rarely. 10 paise and five paise coins are, it appears, out of circulation.

It is requested that sufficient coins of 50 paise, 25 paise, 10 paise and 5 paise may be minted sufficiently.

V. Kumar,

Thekkurichy, Kanyakumari district.