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Electricity Board’s plan to install a new transformer is yet to materialise

Banks, industrial units and hospitals suffer the most

AMBUR: Frequent power cuts without prior information, particularly during peak business hours, has irked the residents of Ambur and Tirupattur.

People complain that Electricity Board staff do not respond to their complaints. Ambur Town Congress Committee president Suresh Babu said on Thursday that he would call for “a massive protest” if the trend continued for two more days.

A staff of the Electricity Board here said the arbitrary power cut was owing to the failure of an equipment in Neyveli, which produced 110 mega watt of power every day. Electricity Board officials in Tirupattur said most of the transformers were overloaded and transformers with a higher capacity should be installed in many places. The problem was more pronounced at Krishnagiri Main Road (opposite Sapthagiri Hospital).

The Electricity Board’s plan of installing a new transformer is yet to materialise.

Two, three hours

Residents of Ambur and Tirupattur said the towns experienced two to three hours of power cut every day. Owners of Internet centres said they incurred a loss of about Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 a day. +

Sources said the Ambur Electricity Board was resorting to power cuts in a cycle. Electricity was being suspended during peak business hours in the mornings and evenings and as a result, banks and industrial units suffered.

The worst affected were the hospitals.

An employee of a tannery unit at Ambur said that for one unit of electricity consumed, the company incurred an expense of Rs. 5. But for one unit of electricity acquired through a generator set, the company had to spend Rs.16.

“It becomes very difficult to fulfil bulk orders,” he added. Employees were forced to work extra hours to compensate for the ideal time owing to power cuts.