Staff Reporter

SALEM: The cutting of roads in the city for laying cables by the private telecommunication companies continues unhindered. A number of roads, including the newly-laid stretches in Hasthampatti, Fairlands, Gugai, Ammapet and Sooramangalam, have been cut recently. In a few parts, the trenches dug across the road by the telecom companies have not been closed properly, putting thousands of vehicles users at risk.

The civic body’s failure to restrict the companies from damaging the roads has drawn sharp criticism from the citizens. Despite repeated complaints, the Corporation turns a blind eye to this irresponsible act by the telecom companies, residents charged.

The companies have caused severe damage to the road infrastructure in the city. It has become very common to see a single stretch being cut at several points, they pointed out.

In many other cities, the companies are using modern technology to lay cables without cutting the roads. The civic officials here have grossly failed to insist the companies to utilise such technologies to save the road infrastructure, citizens charged. The Corporation is spending huge amount of taxpayers’ money to lay roads. But no efforts have been made to prevent companies from damaging the roads, councillors said.