S. Ganesan

Closed after construction of overbridges across level crossings

TIRUCHI: Residents’ welfare associations are now demanding the reopening of the Thennur and Palakkarai railway gates, which have been closed after construction of overbridges across level crossings.

The associations under an umbrella organisation, Federation of Service Organisations, contend that the closure of the railway gates have caused much hardship to the residents living close to the level crossings as both T-shaped bridges are quite long.

“Residents who have to cross over the level crossings for day-to-day activities are now forced to take a detour across the bridges,” says M.Sekaran, convener of the Federation of Service Organisations, who will lead a demonstration in front of the Railway Divisional office in the city to press for the demand.

The protestors point out that both the bridges do not have pedestrians pavements, a common feature in all bridges, and the people could not be asked to go over the bridges.

The steep staircases to reach the bridge from down are not meant for pedestrians and seem to be essentially meant as emergency exits.

For instance, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Office at Thennur is located close to the Railway level crossing. People have to cross over to pay their electricity bills.

But now they are being forced to either go via the bridge from the Palakkarai Road or take a further detour via Thillai Nagar, the associations contend.

Besides, the police have also enforced one-way traffic on one half of the T-shaped bridges.

Railway employees were still manning the signals that were operational before the bridges were constructed. The signals could be revived so that pedestrians could be allowed to cross over.