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Drinking water supply disrupted and garbage remains uncleared

KANCHEEPURAM: Struggle for supremacy between two groups of councillors led to crippling of civic services in certain municipal wards in Kancheepuram town.

Disruption in drinking water supply, uncleared garbage and clogging of underground sewer network were the grievances haunting the public.

Shortage of manpower

When contacted municipal sources said they were unable to attend to the complaints from the public in view of shortage of manpower and equipment.

However, councillors owing allegiance to the Chairman, V.Rajendran, alleged that the opposite group was responsible for the sorry state of affairs in certain wards with regard to the civic condition.

Any request or suggestion to improve civic conditions in the wards from where the councillors belonging to a particular party, to which Mr. Rajendran belongs to, were not even considered by the officials.

While several resolutions seeking infrastructure development works in some of the wards were kept in the cold storage for more than eight months, tenders were called for execution of cement road works in the wards of councillors who have aligned together against the Municipal Chairman, they pointed out.

Garbage near a famous temple, which attracts thousands of pilgrims daily, were not cleared for months together since the councillor of that particular ward had openly expressed his solidarity with the Municipal Chairman, defying the political alliance, they added.