MADURAI: Paediatricians and psychiatrists have a joint responsibility in identifying psychiatric problems of children at an early stage and impart effective counselling and treatment, according to Savitha Malhotra of Department of Psychiatry, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Chandigarh.

She said that parents also have an important role to monitor change in the child’s behaviour, while addressing a seminar here recently.

According to her, it is difficult to have common ways of diagnosing disorders among children because each has its own problems and it is only parents who can recognise behavioural changes. Teachers had also started to recognise learning difficulties among children. Intervention of psychiatrists could be of help, she said.

The chairman of Indian Psychiatric Society, V.D. Krishnaram, observed that child psychiatry had been playing a vital role to update the faculty on practical management of problems based on day-to-day clinical practice.

V.K. Aravind, organising secretary of the seminar, also spoke.