Special Correspondent

The three-volume collection is a treatise on the music trinity and composers outside the triumvirate

CHENNAI: An assortment of commentaries on Indian classical music by the multi-faceted scholar Dr. V. Raghavan was launched on Wednesday.

The three-volume collection, segmented into an overview of musical tradition and its spiritual significance, a treatise on the music trinity and composers outside the triumvirate, was released under the auspices of the Dr. V. Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts.

The occasion coincided with the scholar’s 99th birth anniversary.

R. Vedavalli, Carnatic musician and member, experts committee of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, formally released ‘Collected Writings on Indian Music’ by handing over the first copy to musicologist S. R. Janakiraman.

Ms. Vedavalli said the works of Dr. Raghavan were Vedic in breadth and timelessness while disseminating knowledge. She wished that the centre for performing arts would grow to become a globally renowned knowledge hub. Hailing Dr. Raghavan as a “20th century Apara Kalidasa”, Mr. Janakiraman reminisced about the ‘journey that drew him nearer to the great man.’ For students and researchers, the relevance and value of Dr. Raghavan’s books would last forever, he said.

In a message, which was read out in absentia, Kerala Culture Minister M.A. Baby, described Raghavan as a multifaceted expert in Sanskrit, music, dance and drama. His works were reference points for students and researchers, the message said.

Dance critic and daughter of Dr. Raghavan, Nandini Ramani said it was proposed to celebrate her father’s birth centenary in befitting fashion in August 2008. Efforts are on to have a commemorative special stamp issued on the occasion, she said.